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  • I just love Botanica!

    It was first in my kit bag when packing for the European Championships this year as I knew it has so many healing uses for both horse and rider!

    It has helped me on many occasions with my horses, myself and my two kids and will also be an essential in our suitcase for our forthcoming holiday with the kiddiewinks.

    I also have a little jar of the Botanica in my horse lorry for the journey home. After having my skin wind beaten all day at an event this soothing and revitalising cream soaks in beautifully.

    All the best and good luck with it in the future!

    Jayne Doherty

  • I was first introduced to Botanica Healing Skin Cream when my daughter contracted chicken pox.

    My sister worked in a local Pharmacy and recommended it. She had it very bad on her face and neck – she used it day and night and now she has not got one blemish on her face.

    She also had viral meningitis and broke out in boils all over her body. She used Botanica Antiseptic Wash in the bath as well as Botanica Healing Skin Cream and it made such a difference and I can recommend it highly to anyone. I also use it myself in the bath and after. It’s really lovely to use and my skin feels so good afterwards.

    Mrs Theresa Lennon – Human

  • My mother bought a selection of you creams. She gave me some to use as a DEODERANT. I didn’t think for one minute that it would work, but I did use it at her persistence. To my joy it has worked extremely well. Before using this I had tried all types of deodorants on the market but found that they just DID NOT work for me. I didn’t attend several evenings out as I was so conscious of sweating but after using Botanica herbal cream I would most definitely recommend others to try. I can only say thank you to Botanica as it has actually changed my life for the better, for good, giving me so much more confidence in my life.

    Thank you once again Botanica.

    Mollie – Human

  • I have been using Botanica products for more than 2 years on our horses, in particular the Wash and Herbal Cream. I have found these products to be excellent and very effective on all skin problems, wounds, proud flesh,sore tendons, cracked heels etc.

    I would strongly recommend the Botanica products.

    Mrs S J Smith (Racehorse Trainer) – Trainer

  • We have been using Botanica products for the past 2 years on a variety of different conditions including:
    cracked heals…
    cuts and sores….
    rain scald…
    sweet itch…
    mud rash
    it has always worked very well and are pleased with the results.

    Alfonso Martin MRCVS – Veterinary

  • It’s been my experience that Botanica products work as a softening agent on Elephant’s tails and feet. The areas on the tails and feet after Botanica creams were used were softer and cleaner.

    I highly recommend the Botanica product for use on elephants.

    Alan Roocroft – Miscellaneous

  • I was given a sample of your amazing cream by Di at Coltsfoot (our sponsor) and IT IS AMAZING !! It heals almost anything… form spots to cuts and back again. No offence but its a little like having Jesus in a tub ;0).

    Cala Russell

  • I was talking to you last night, my blackberry battery was too flat to email last night.

    I use Botanica Natural Herbal Skin Cream in the way windowlene is used in My Big Fat Greek Wedding. When in doubt, slap on some Botanica! I used it on sunburn and chicken pox on children, I have used it on ringworm, rain scald mud fever and cuts on horses and cuts, burns and scars on myself, my friends use it on dry skin on their hands and my nieces use it too. My mum even uses it on cold sores!

    Almost three years ago I was involved in a traffic accident and ended up with burns to my face and shoulder and had to get part of my ear stitched back on. The doctors told me that I would probably need surgery as the burns would leave me with a permanent mark on my face and shoulder and my ear was likely to remain heavily scarred. I tried a prescription cream for a while but when I got out of hospital I remembered the cream I used on my horses and switched to it. I used it on my face and shoulder and was amazed at how well they healed. The marks on my face are only noticeable under close inspection and the scar on my ear is still getting smaller. It was such a relief not to have to get surgery or have a huge scar on my face.

    Jenny Close

  • I have to write to tell you of the excellent results I have had from using your products. I bought your antiseptic cleansing wash plus other products at the horse of the year show in Birmingham earlier this month. I had recent surgery on my face removing a skin cancer and had a large fresh wound, stitches still in when I spoke to you. I used the products as you advised and the results are totally astounding. The doctors at the hospital are also shocked at how quickly the scar has healed in such a short time.it is hardly noticeable after just two weeks. I thank-you so much and have recommended your products to all I know.

    Eileen O’Brien

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