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  • My mother bought a selection of you creams. She gave me some to use as a DEODERANT. I didn’t think for one minute that it would work, but I did use it at her persistence. To my joy it has worked extremely well. Before using this I had tried all types of deodorants on the market but found that they just DID NOT work for me. I didn’t attend several evenings out as I was so conscious of sweating but after using Botanica herbal cream I would most definitely recommend others to try. I can only say thank you to Botanica as it has actually changed my life for the better, for good, giving me so much more confidence in my life.

    Thank you once again Botanica.

    Mollie – Human

  • I was first introduced to Botanica Healing Skin Cream when my daughter contracted chicken pox.

    My sister worked in a local Pharmacy and recommended it. She had it very bad on her face and neck – she used it day and night and now she has not got one blemish on her face.

    She also had viral meningitis and broke out in boils all over her body. She used Botanica Antiseptic Wash in the bath as well as Botanica Healing Skin Cream and it made such a difference and I can recommend it highly to anyone. I also use it myself in the bath and after. It’s really lovely to use and my skin feels so good afterwards.

    Mrs Theresa Lennon – Human

  • I just love Botanica!

    It was first in my kit bag when packing for the European Championships this year as I knew it has so many healing uses for both horse and rider!

    It has helped me on many occasions with my horses, myself and my two kids and will also be an essential in our suitcase for our forthcoming holiday with the kiddiewinks.

    I also have a little jar of the Botanica in my horse lorry for the journey home. After having my skin wind beaten all day at an event this soothing and revitalising cream soaks in beautifully.

    All the best and good luck with it in the future!

    Jayne Doherty

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